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An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4 (Bruce Perens’ Open Sou…

An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with QT 4 Helps you learn C++, Patterns, and Qt 4 Cross-Platform Development. This work helps you discover efficient high-level programming techniques using libraries, generics, and containers; build graphical applications using Qt widgets, models, and views; and learn advanced techniques ranging from multithreading to reflective programming. Full description

Automated Alice

Pub Date : 2000-11-01 | Author : Jeff Noon | Publisher : Corgi

ISBN 10 : 0552999059
ISBN 13 : 9780552999052

Illustrated with line-drawings and overflowing with imaginative exuberance, puns and maniacal wordplay, Automated Alice is a stunningly skewed retelling of Alice in Wonderland, set..

Electronics A First Course

Pub Date : 2010-12-30 | Author : Owen Bishop | Publisher : Routledge

ISBN 10 : 9781136440359
ISBN 13 : 1136440356

Owen Bishop’s First Course starts with the basics of electricity and component types, introducing students to practical work almost straight away. No prior knowledge of electroni..

Natural Hormonal Enhancement

Pub Date : 2000 | Author : Rob Faigin | Publisher : Extique

ISBN 10 : 0967560500
ISBN 13 : 9780967560502

The first ever comprehensive program for naturally activating fat-burning, muscle-building, and anti-aging hormones. This unprecedented book contains 1700 pinpoint references to th..

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