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InSecurity: Why a Failure to Attract and Retain Women in Cybersecurity is M…

Women are fundamentally different to men and, when it comes to cybersecurity, one thing is certain…


Women matter in cybersecurity because of the way they view and deal with risk. Typically, women are more risk averse, compliant with rules, and embracing of organisational controls and technology than men. They’re also extremely intuitive and score highly when it comes to emotional and social intelligence, which enables them to remain calm…

Investing In Frontier Markets

Pub Date : 2013-08-19 | Author : Gavin Graham | Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN 10 : 9781118556337
ISBN 13 : 111855633X

The only comprehensive guide to reaping big returns investing in the hottest new growth markets This book makes a compelling case that, just as today's well-rounded portfolio inclu..

The Compassionate Classroom

Pub Date : 2004 | Author : Sura Hart | Publisher : PuddleDancer Press

ISBN 10 : 1934336025
ISBN 13 : 9781934336021

This inspiring guidebook supports teachers seeking to provide a nurturing and creative classroom environment for elementary students...

Analysis I

Pub Date : 2016-08-29 | Author : Terence Tao | Publisher : Springer

ISBN 10 : 9789811017896
ISBN 13 : 9811017891

This is part one of a two-volume book on real analysis and is intended for senior undergraduate students of mathematics who have already been exposed to calculus. The emphasis is o..

Jfk Conservative

Pub Date : 2013 | Author : Ira Stoll | Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN 10 : 9780547585987
ISBN 13 : 0547585985

A controversial portrait of the thirty-fifth president explores his less-recognized roles in promoting anti-communism, tax cuts, free trade, and other agendas that had distinctly c..

Boy Were We Wrong About The Solar System

Pub Date : 2016-08-02 | Author : Kathleen V. Kudlinski | Publisher : Puffin Books

ISBN 10 : 1101997753
ISBN 13 : 9781101997758

The Boy, Were We Wrong picture book series tackles the solar system--perfect for Common Core standards and STEM education! Some people used to think that Earth was smack-dab in the..

Crochet In A Day For Baby

Pub Date : 2012 | Author : Candi Jensen | Publisher : Leisure Arts

ISBN 10 : 9781464702655
ISBN 13 : 1464702659

Presents step-by-step instructions for crocheting twenty baby garments, including pullovers, cardigans, hats, booties, and mittens...

The Vodi

Pub Date : 2013 | Author : John Braine | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 1939140404
ISBN 13 : 9781939140401

"A valid and important human situation . . . The book is vivid with the characteristic Braine sights and smells." - Kenneth Allsop, "Daily Mail" "Triumphantly underlines the point ..

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